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Twitter In 30 Minutes (3rd Edition), 3rd Edition

Book Description

Are you interested in using Twitter, but don't know where to start? Are you mystified by hashtags, retweets, and other Twitter conventions? The revised and expanded third edition of Twitter In 30 Minutes is here to help! This unofficial Twitter tutorial will walk you through the basics, using plain English, step-by-step instructions, and lots of examples from real Twitter users. In no time, you'll learn how to create a new Twitter account online or on your phone; customize your Twitter profile with photos and a bio that's right for you; navigate Twitter icons, the Twitter app, and Twitter.com; follow other Twitter accounts … and block those you don't like; identify local people and organizations using Twitter; find people who share the same interests and hobbies; compose your first tweets; share photos; and leverage hashtags, retweets, and other Twitter conventions. There's more. Twitter In 30 Minutes shows you how all kinds of people use Twitter to promote their businesses, connect with their followers, explore their interests, and have fun! It's peppered with real-world examples, from everyday people to celebrities. Authored by award-winning technology journalist Ian Lamont, the revised third edition of Twitter In 30 Minutes covers Twitter's new interface for the Web and mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android phones. There are new screenshots, along with instructions for registration on iOS and Android devices. Twitter In 30 Minutes is a perfect introduction to people who are new to Twitter, as well as those who already have accounts and want to learn how to get the most out of Twitter. Buy the book today!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. What readers are saying...
  3. Copyright information
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. What is Twitter?
    2. What can Twitter do for you?
  6. Chapter 1: A brief tour of Twitter
    1. @Oprah
    2. @Momogoose
    3. @RobertFischer
    4. @Jus_Tish
    5. @Caliguy16
  7. Chapter 2: Signing up for Twitter
    1. How to register online
      1. Pick a suitable Twitter handle
      2. How Twitter uses topics to recommend accounts
      3. Upload contact lists to Twitter
      4. Recommended accounts to follow
      5. Begin using Twitter
    2. How to register using a phone or tablet
      1. How to install Twitter on an iPhone or iPad
      2. How to install Twitter on Android
    3. Navigating the Twitter interface
      1. The Twitter icons explained
      2. Your home timeline
      3. Your personal timeline
    4. How to customize your profile
      1. Edit profile information
      2. Add a header photo
      3. Add photos and a bio using the Twitter app
  8. Chapter 3: Finding and following people on Twitter
    1. How to follow someone on Twitter
      1. Follow an account online
      2. Follow an account using the Twitter app
    2. Who should you follow?
      1. Experts and leaders
    3. How to find specific accounts to follow
      1. Twitter search
      2. Find friends on Twitter
      3. How to find local accounts
      4. Twitter’s recommendation algorithm
      5. How many accounts should a new user follow?
      6. Protected accounts
      7. Accounts to avoid
    4. How to unfollow a Twitter account
      1. How to mute accounts
      2. How to quickly unfollow lots of people
    5. Help! I’m being followed
      1. How to block followers
      2. How to protect an account
  9. Chapter 4: Tweeting
    1. How to create a tweet
    2. Deciding what to tweet about
      1. What do other people usually tweet about?
      2. Mental blocks to tweeting
      3. Finding your comfort level
      4. Controversial and angry tweets
      5. Tips for writing great tweets
      6. Tips for taking great photos
      7. How to delete tweets
  10. Chapter 5: Advanced Twitter: Joining the discussion
    1. Someone responded to my tweet!
    2. Why don’t famous people respond to my tweets?
    3. Someone mentioned me!
    5. Hashtags explained
      1. Practical uses for hashtags
      2. Hashtag no-nos
    6. Going viral
    7. Advanced features
      1. Direct Messages
      3. Lists
      4. Shortcut keys
  11. Conclusion
  12. About the author
  13. Index
  14. Bonus book introductions
    1. Genealogy Basics In 30 Minutes
    2. Crowdfunding Basics In 30 Minutes