Chapter 8. Leveraging Your Twitter Tribe

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the value of the retweet

  • Tracking trends with TwitterCounter and Qwitter

  • Treating your followers with respect

Your Twitter tribe is your followers, an empire of people who have opted to receive your updates and content. Your followers are the most valuable thing to your business, product, or service in the Twitter world. They make up individuals who may have a need for your products or services, people in your general area, and other professionals in your industry. This chapter describes how to convince them to share your message with their friends.

Your Twitter tribe is comprised of a vast network of people connected in one simple way: They are all Twitter users. If you handle it correctly, you can use this network to produce a huge marketing push that could potentially drive visitors and (eventually) revenue to your place of business. Your tribe can build Web site traffic or send people your way who'll buy your products or services.

This chapter helps you track your followers, measure the influence of your network on your business, and encourage your followers to share your content. Remember, content is the queen bee of the Internet, and Twitter is a powerful means of sharing that content.

The Power of the Retweet

A retweet sounds like the call a bird makes to respond to another bird. (Perhaps you heard it's popular among bluebirds and cardinals.) When you retweet, you tweet a message that was previously posted by ...

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