Twitter Power 3.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

Book description

Tweet your company to the top of the market with a tailored approach to Twitter

Twitter Power 3.0 is the newly updated guide that shows smart businesses and entrepreneurs how to use Twitter to their advantage. This book is the best business leader's guide to Twitter, with the most up to date information on trends in social media, branding, and competitive research. Readers will learn that viral content doesn't happen by accident, why videos and photos are crucial to engagement, and how to measure the success of a Twitter strategy using specific and accurate metrics. This new edition contains brand new case studies, user profiles, features, and images, helping readers create a stronger overall Twitter strategy whether they're already engaged or just wondering if Twitter's important for their business future. Tip: it most definitely is important!

Twitter has grown up. It's now a public company, worth over $30 billion, and it means business. Twitter has changed over time, but remains a crucial tool for business branding and a key place to engage with customers and build long-term client relationships. This book demonstrates how Twitter can play an important role in business growth, 140 characters at a time.

  • Understand how Twitter differs from other social media platforms

  • Build a savvy Twitter strategy as part of a broader social media plan

  • Create viral content that effortlessly spreads your message and gains you huge numbers of followers

  • Learn which metrics matter, and how to measure and track them

  • Firms need to understand how Twitter is a vital element in any social media marketing, and craft strategies specific to each. Twitter Power 3.0 is the complete guide to Twitter for business, with the latest information, proven techniques, and expert advice.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Praise for Twitter Power 3.0
    3. Title Page
    4. Copyright
    5. Foreword
    6. Introduction
    7. Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Social Media Landscape
      1. What Exactly Is Social Media?
      2. Social Media Really Is a Big Deal
      3. The Different Types of Social Media Sites—Content to Suit Every Market
      4. A Closer Look at Microblogging
      5. Introducing…Twitter!
    8. Chapter 2: Why Is Twitter So Powerful?
      1. Twitter and Its Successes
      2. The Power of Twitter's Immediate Feedback
      3. Instant Access to Smart People 24/7
    9. Chapter 3: Getting Started the Right Way on Twitter
      1. Signing Up—Does Twitter Have the Web's Most Friendly Registration Page?
      2. Who's on Twitter? Your First Followers!
      3. Create an Inviting Twitter Profile
      4. Building Out Your Profile
      5. Checking Out Security and Privacy
      6. Notifications to Notice
      7. Tweeting with Your Mobile Phone
      8. A Winning Social Media Philosophy
      9. Sending Your Very First Tweet
      10. Becoming a Follower
      11. A Word about Security
    10. Chapter 4: Twitter Setup and Design
      1. Twitter Name
      2. Twitter Setup
      3. The Twitter Profile Photo
      4. Twitter Interface Basics
      5. Twitter Graphics
      6. Now…What about TweetPages?
    11. Chapter 5: Building a Following on Twitter
      1. Quantity or Quality: Choosing the Type of Following You Want
      2. Quality: How to Be Intentional about Creating Your Own Network of Experts
      3. Quantity: Seven Killer Strategies to Reaching Critical Mass on Twitter
      4. Klout and Page Rank
    12. Chapter 6: The Art of the Tweet
      1. Tweet Etiquette
      2. The Benefits of Following before Tweeting
      3. How to Join a Conversation
      4. How to Be Interesting on Twitter
      5. How to Drive Behavior
    13. Chapter 7: The Magic of Connecting with Customers on Twitter
      1. Identifying Problems and Soliciting Feedback
      2. Discovering Your Top Fans, Promoters, and Evangelists
      3. Your Personal Help Desk
    14. Chapter 8: Leveraging Twitter for Team Communication
      1. Twitter for Virtual Team Leaders
      2. Creating a Twitter Account for a Virtual Team
      3. Building a Team with Twitter
    15. Chapter 9: Using Twitter to Help Build Your Brand
      1. Create a Story
      2. Portraying Your Brand with Your Profile
      3. Tweet Style—What to Say When You're Building a Brand and How to Say It
      4. Reinforce the Core Message
      5. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
      6. Writing the Tweets
      7. Win Retweets
      8. Create Hashtags and Run Hashtag Chats
    16. Chapter 10: Leveraging Twitter to Drive Follower Behavior
      1. Driving Followers to a Website
      2. Promoting a Blog on Twitter
      3. Twitter as a Resource for Post Ideas
      4. Driving Followers to the Mall
      5. Can You Put Affiliate Links on Twitter?
      6. Driving Followers to Register
      7. Tracking Results and Testing Strategies
      8. Tracking Multiple Tweets
      9. Making the Most of Twitter's Trends
    17. Chapter 11: How to Make Money on Twitter
      1. Earn with Advertising on Twitter
      2. Barter, Buy, and Sell Your Way to Profit
    18. Chapter 12: Beyond Third-Party Tools You Will Want to Know About
      1. SocialOomph
      2. Twitterrific
      3. Twhirl
      4. Twitterfeed
      5. Trendistic
      6. Twellow
      7. TweetBeep
      8. TwitterCounter
      9. TweetDeck
      10. TwitThis
      11. TweetAways
      12. Hootsuite
    19. Directory of Recommended Twitter Members to Follow
    20. Index
    21. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Twitter Power 3.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time
    • Author(s): Guy Kawasaki, Dave Taylor, Joel Comm
    • Release date: March 2015
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781119021810