9Using Twitter to Help Build Your Brand

Online advertising has really spoiled everyone. Not only can advertisers now finely target where their ads appear, making sure that they're shown only to people most likely to find them interesting, but they also can track what happens after those ads go online.

They can measure how many people see the ads, how many click to learn more, and most important, how many purchase the advertised product as a direct result of seeing their ad.

With that kind of targeting and data, it's no wonder that Google, with its industry-leading AdWords ad network, is worth billions of dollars.

But the old advertising system didn't disappear. Drive down any highway and you're still going to see giant billboards drawing your eye and advertising businesses.

Times Square still has its neon lights, and neither Dish nor DirecTV have rid television programs of commercial breaks every 10 minutes.

The Internet might have changed some of the ways that advertising works, but brand building is still just as important as it used to be. In fact, we think it's considerably more important in the age of Twitter.

If you want people to know who you are and remember the name of your business, you have to keep putting it in front of them time and time again, and you also need to interact with them.

That's what traditional advertising has always aimed to do. An advertiser who bought a radio spot in the 1950s wasn't expecting to see a spike in sales immediately after the ad was ...

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