11How to Make Money on Twitter

When Twitter took off, a lot of people saw its business potential right away. They recognized that when a site has millions of members—both individuals and companies—talking and making connections, big deals wouldn't be far off.

But a lot of people got the wrong idea, too. They saw Twitter as a kind of get-rich-quick venue, a place where they could come and immediately make giant piles of cash.

Twitter just doesn't work that way. It's worth reminding you that the power of Twitter lies in the connections you forge and the relationships you build on the site.

Those take time to create. A large following doesn't happen overnight. Tweet well and tweet regularly, and it will happen. But don't expect to have 10,000 followers a week after opening your Twitter account.

And don't expect to close your first deal the day after posting your first tweet.

What Twitter supplies isn't a tool for making money online immediately and with little effort. Truth is, you're not going to be able to create a bunch of Twitter accounts that will allow you to soak up the sun in Waikiki while the revenue continues to flow in all by itself.

Twitter delivers something much more valuable. It provides the basis on which all successful businesses are built.

It delivers trust.

There really aren't many other services that can take entrepreneurs so easily through the process of “Know me. Like me. Trust me. Pay me” and with so many people.

A business built on that foundation and strengthened ...

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