Testing a pipe

Pipes in Angular are functions that can transform input data into a user-readable format. Here is an example of a custom pipe called capitalise in our src folder, using the standard String.toUpperCase(). This is just an example; Angular already has its own pipe for capitalization:

//capitalise.pipe.tsimport {Pipe, PipeTransform} from '@angular/core';@Pipe({name: 'capitalise'})export class CapitalisePipe implements PipeTransform {transform(value: string): string {if (typeof value !== 'string') {throw new Error('Requires a String as input');}return value.toUpperCase();}}

The capitalise.pipe.spec.ts file will be as follows:

describe('Pipe: CapitalisePipe', () => {let pipe;//setupbeforeEach(() => TestBed.configureTestingModule({ ...

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