The deal with asterisks

The asterisks that precede all the structural directives are very important. The *ngIf and *ngFor directives refuse to work when you remove the asterisks from them, implying that the asterisks are required. The question, therefore, is this: why do the asterisks have to be there?

They are syntactic sugar in Angular, meaning that they don't have to be written this way. This is how they actually look:

<div template="ngIf true">  <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Nesciunt non perspiciatis consequatur sapiente provident nemo similique. Minus quo veritatis ratione, quaerat dolores optio facilis dolor nemo, tenetur, obcaecati quibusdam, doloremque.</p></div>

This template attribute is, in turn, translated ...

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