Data in components

To better understand the importance of services and DI, let's create a simple app with a component that shows a list of user comments. Once you have an app created, you can run the following command to generate the required component:

ng g component comment-list

Update the component's code with the following snippet:

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';@Component({  selector: 'app-comment-list',  templateUrl: './comment-list.component.html',  styleUrls: ['./comment-list.component.css']})export class CommentListComponent implements OnInit {  comments: Array<any>  constructor() { }  ngOnInit() {    this.comments = [      {        author: 'solomon',        content: `TypeScript + Angular is amazing`      },      {        author: 'lorna', content: `TypeScript ...

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