Data source

For a basic example, we don't need a database or a server. A simple JSON file containing blog posts is enough. Create a file named db.json in your app folder with the following structure:

[  {    "imageId": "jorge-vasconez-364878_me6ao9",    "collector": "John Brian",    "description": "Yikes invaluably thorough hello more some that neglectfully on badger crud inside mallard thus crud wildebeest pending much because therefore hippopotamus disbanded much."  },  {    "imageId": "wynand-van-poortvliet-364366_gsvyby",    "collector": "Nnaemeka Ogbonnaya", "description": "Inimically kookaburra furrowed impala jeering porcupine flaunting across following raccoon that woolly less gosh weirdly more fiendishly ahead magnificent calmly manta wow racy brought ...

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