Configuring Karma

In order to configure our Karma, we need to update the karma.conf.js file. The default one has the following content:

// ./karma.conf.js.module.exports = function (config) { config.set({ basePath: '', frameworks: ['jasmine', 'angular-cli'], plugins: [ require('karma-jasmine'), require('karma-chrome-launcher'), require('karma-remap-istanbul'), require('angular-cli/plugins/karma') ], files: [ { pattern: './src/test.ts', watched: false } ], preprocessors: { './src/test.ts': ['angular-cli'] }, remapIstanbulReporter: { reports: { html: 'coverage', lcovonly: './coverage/coverage.lcov' } }, angularCli: { config: './angular-cli.json', environment: 'dev' }, reporters: ['progress', 'karma-remap-istanbul'], port: 9876, colors: true, ...

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