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TypeScript Projects

Video Description

Learn how to use TypeScript with this project-based web development course, and start delivering even better software

About This Video

  • Follow and build every featured projects to put the principles of TypeScript into practice

  • Learn how to use TypeScript alongside other leading tools such as Angular 2, React, and Node.js

  • Find out how to migrate your JavaScript codebase to TypeScript

  • In Detail

    TypeScript is the future of JavaScript. Having been designed for the development of large applications, it is now being widely incorporated in cutting-edge projects such as Angular 2. Adopting TypeScript results in more robust software - software that is more scalable and performant. It's scale and performance that lies at the heart of every project that features in this course. The lessons learned throughout the course will arm you with everything you need to build some truly amazing projects. You'll build a complete single page app with Angular 2, create a neat mobile app using NativeScript, and even build a Pac Man game with TypeScript. This course isn't just for developers who want to learn - it's for developers who want to develop. So dive in and get started on these TypeScript projects.