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TYPO3 4.2 E-Commerce

Book Description

Design, build, and profit from a sophisticated feature-rich online store using TYPO3

  • Run your business like a pro and earn good profits in your online shop by harnessing all the features of TYPO 3

  • Create an eaffaaective search system for productive navigation of your site

  • Incorporate smart payment and delivery modules

  • Packed with expert guidance on all aspects of building a lucrative online shop

  • In Detail

    The popularity of online shopping has increased drastically over the past few years. TYPO3 is fully equipped to meet all the challenges of modern electronic commerce. TYPO3 can be enlarged afrom a pure content-based online catalog to a fully-grown shop system with a variety of extensions.

    It may be easy to plan a website but when it comes to implementing the design and developing a successful e-commerce site, you might come across a lot of difficulties.

    This book teaches all the aspects of quickly setting up a feature-packed, easy-to-build e-commerce site—from basic installation and configuration of TYPO3 through adding features step-by-step to an example website. It demonstrates the setting up of an online TYPO3 e-commerce site from scratch and walks you through lucrative tips on attracting customers and maximizing profit.

    This book takes you through the creation of an appealing online shop in steps. It starts with the basics of TYPO3 and TYPO3 installation and shows how to use its standard features to begin construction of an online shop. It will help you improve the selling interface and handling of orders with new modules and other customizations. It discusses various template configurations and plugins. You will learn how to build attractive product catalogs, profiles for registered and unregistered users, and online shop SEO. You will also learn to provide effective search facilities for systematic navigation of your site. Further, various modules for payment and delivery will be discussed. Finally, you will learn how to manage and market your site.

    A step-by-step instruction-packed tutorial that teaches you to build a TYPO3 e-commerce website through a practical example

    Table of Contents

    1. TYPO3 4.2 E-Commerce
      1. TYPO3 4.2 E-Commerce
      2. Credits
      3. About the Authors
      4. About the Reviewers
      5. Preface
        1. What This Book Covers
        2. Who this book is for
        3. Conventions
        4. Reader Feedback
        5. Customer Support
          1. Errata
          2. Piracy
          3. Questions
      6. 1. TYPO3 Installation and Extension Selection
        1. Installation of TYPO3
        2. Installing TYPO3
          1. TYPO3 Install tool
            1. Database access information
            2. Choosing a database
            3. Importing the database
        3. Configuring your TYPO3 installation
        4. Settings at localconf.php file
        5. Installing TYPO3 extensions
        6. Summary
      7. 2. Template Configuration
        1. Configuring templates to add design
          1. Types of templates
        2. Template development and integration
        3. TypoScript setup and configuration
        4. Inserting a template using TypoScript
        5. Adding and testing content
          1. Upgrading TYPO3 to a newer version
          2. TYPO3 minor version update
          3. TYPO3 update
        6. Summary
      8. 3. Singularity of TYPO3 E-Commerce Plugins
        1. TYPO3 E-Commerce plugins
        2. Payment add-ins
        3. Setting up a PayPal test account
        4. Upgrading to a newer version
        5. Summary
      9. 4. Catalogue—Setting Up Online Shop Requirements
        1. Framework and content
        2. Adding products to the online shop
        3. Creating product records
        4. Extra options
        5. Summary
      10. 5. Shop Users—Profiles for Unregistered and Registered Users
        1. The importance of registering users
        2. User registr=ation
        3. User identification and user accounts
        4. Discounts for user groups
        5. Summary
      11. 6. Navigation Inside the Online Shop and Content Search
        1. Navigation inside page content and sitemap
          1. TMENU
          2. GMENU
        2. Sitemap
          1. Multi-level navigation
        3. Searching in TYPO3
          1. Search extension installation
          2. Adjusting the ABC template
        4. Adding search to the web page
        5. Summary
      12. 7. Ordering Organization—Modules of Payment and Delivery
        1. Processing orders
        2. Delivery and payment modules
        3. SSL security certificates
          1. Configuring TYPO3 for SSL support
          2. SSL extensions
        4. Payments
        5. Summary
      13. 8. Administrative Interface in TYPO3
        1. Available administrative functions
          1. Page module
          2. List module
          3. Info module
          4. Access module
          5. Functions module
          6. Versioning module
          7. Template module
          8. Filelist module
          9. User settings
          10. User Admin module
          11. Extention Manager module
          12. DB check module
          13. Configuration module
          14. Install module
          15. Log module
          16. Help module
        2. RTE (Rich Text Editor) extension
        3. Backend interface and configuration
          1. Content columns
          2. Headings and content elements
          3. TCEFORM
            1. Fields switch off
        4. Summary
      14. 9. Online Shop SEO Development
        1. The importance of SEO
        2. Implementing SEO solutions
          1. Minimum SEO requirements
            1. Technical requirements
            2. The minimal requirements for website content
          2. Optimal SEO requirements
            1. Requirements for content of the website
            2. The solutions provided by Google
        3. Quick steps for successful SEO
        4. Summary
      15. 10. Managing and Marketing Your Site
        1. The important aspects of management
        2. The visual aspects of an online shop
        3. Fostering customer loyalty
          1. The delivery of goods
          2. Delivering the right product
          3. The quality of goods
        4. Main risks
        5. Popularization of an online shop
          1. Working with the target audience
          2. Adwords
          3. Catalogues
          4. Flyers
          5. Radio
          6. Advertisement in magazines
        6. Summary