Types of menu objects

The HMENU class does not output anything directly. To generate our menus, we must define a menu object and assign properties to it. In our current menus, the TemplaVoila Wizard generated a menu object for each HMENU in the following highlighted lines:

## Main Menu [Begin]
lib.mainMenu = HMENU
lib.mainMenu.entryLevel = 0
lib.mainMenu.wrap = <ul id="menu-area">|</ul>
lib.mainMenu.1 = TMENU
lib.mainMenu.1.NO {
allWrap = <li class="menu-item">|</li>
## Main Menu [End]
## Submenu [Begin]
lib.subMenu = HMENU
lib.subMenu.entryLevel = 1
lib.subMenu.wrap = <ul id="submenu-area">|</ul>
lib.subMenu.1 = TMENU
lib.subMenu.1.NO {
allWrap = <li class="submenu-item">|</li>
## Submenu [End]

There are a handful of classes for menu objects ...

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