Chapter 6. Zen and the Art of Ubuntu Networking

In This Chapter

  • Connecting to a wired network

  • Configuring your network connection

You're already connected to a network if you're connected to a network. Huh? What kind of Zen network am I talking about? No, Ubuntu isn't a Zen master, but it's good at looking for and making network connections. Ubuntu is smart enough to figure out how to do all the sundry housekeeping jobs that getting connected requires.

If you booted live Ubuntu in Chapter 2 or installed it in Chapter 4, Ubuntu looked for a network. Assuming your computer was connected to a network switch (or hub), Ubuntu made the connection. At that point, you could use the network.

However, Ubuntu makes it easy to change or make a connection (in case you didn't originally have a network connection). This chapter describes using the network configuration utility for a wired network.

You can skip this chapter if you don't plug directly into a home or office network with an Ethernet cable. You probably need one of the following chapters instead for your network and Internet services:

  • Chapter 7 walks you through connecting an Ubuntu computer to a wireless network (with or without networked Internet service).

  • Chapter 8 tells you about connecting your Ubuntu computer directly to a broadband DSL or cable Internet modem without going through a network.

  • Chapter 9 shows you how you can use your Ubuntu computer with a dialup Internet modem without going through a network.

Connecting to a Wired Network ...

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