passwd—Creates or modifies user passwords
su—Executes shell or command as another user
sudo—Manages selected user execution permissions
useradd—Creates, modifies, or manages users
usermod—Edits a user’s login profile
_User-Authentication-HOWTO.html—The User-Authentication HOWTO describes how
user and group information is stored and used for authentication.
Shadow-Password-HOWTO.html—The Shadow-Password HOWTO delves into the murky
depths of shadow passwords and even discusses why you might not want to use them.
_Security-HOWTO.html—A must-read HOWTO, the Security HOWTO is a good overview
of security issues. Especially applicable to this chapter are sections on creating accounts,
file permissions, and password security.—A general
guide, the Linux System Administrator’s Security Guide has interesting sections on limit-
ing and monitoring users.
Config-HOWTO.html—How can you customize some user-specific settings? The Config
HOWTO Software Configuration gives some advice.—
How can one know the true path? The Path HOWTO sheds light on this issue. You need
to understand paths if you want to guide the users to their data and applications.—The
SUperuser DO command is a powerful and elegant
way to delegate authority to regular users for specific commands.—The Pluggable Authentication
Modules suite contains complex and highly useful applications that provide additional
security and logging for passwords. PAM is installed by default in Ubuntu. It isn’t neces-
sary to understand the intricacies of PAM to use it effectively.
CHAPTER 14 Managing Users

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