Internet. I would suggest keeping the second option ticked, mainly because the name-
servers will be automatically assigned to you when you connect to your ISP and should
prevent any problems whilst surfing. Finally, if you have a bad line and are constantly
getting kicked off then it might be an idea for you to tick the retry connection option so
Ubuntu will attempt to keep you connected should your connection drop out for what-
ever reason. See Figure 18.6 for a look at the Options tab.
CHAPTER 18 Network Connectivity
FIGURE 18.6 A couple of choices here will ensure uninterrupted surfing time.
Troubleshooting Connection Problems
The Linux Documentation Project at offers many in-depth resources
for configuring and troubleshooting these connections. The Internet search engine
Google is also an invaluable tool for dealing with specific questions about these connec-
tions. For many other useful references, see the “Reference” section at the end of this
Here are a few troubleshooting tips culled from many years of experience:
. If your modem connects and then hangs up, you are probably using the wrong pass-
word or dialing the wrong number. If the password and phone number are correct,
it is likely an authentication protocol problem.
. If you get connected but cannot reach websites, it is likely a domain name resolver
problem, meaning that DNS is not working. If it worked yesterday and you haven’t
“adjusted” the associated files, it is probably a problem at the ISP’s end. Call
and ask.
. Always make certain that everything is plugged in. Check again—and again.

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