. comp.windows.x.apps—Using X-based clients
. comp.windows.x.i386unix—X for Unix PCs
. comp.windows.x.intrinsics—X Toolkit library topics
. comp.windows.x.kde—Using KDE and X discussions
. comp.windows.x.motif—All about Motif programming
. comp.windows.x—Discussions about X
. linux.admin.*—Two newsgroups for Linux administrators
. linux.debian.*—30 newsgroups about Debian
. linux.dev.*—25 or more Linux development newsgroups
. linux.help—Get help with Linux
. linux.kernel—The Linux kernel
Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are interactive or digest-form electronic discussions about nearly any topic.
To use a mailing list, you must generally send an email request to be subscribed to the
list, and then verify the subscription with a return message from the master list mailer.
After subscribing to an interactive form of list, each message sent to the list will appear in
your email inbox. However, many lists provide a digest form of subscription in which a
single- or half-day’s traffic is condensed in a single message. The digest form is generally
preferred unless you have set up electronic mail filtering.
The main Ubuntu mailing lists are detailed here, but there are quite a few Linux-related
lists. You can search for nearly all online mailing lists by using a typical mailing list
search web page, such as the one at http://www.lsoft.com/lists/list_q.html.
GNOME and KDE Mailing Lists
GNOME users and developers should know that more than two dozen mailing lists are
available through http://mail.gnome.org/. KDE users will also benefit by perusing the
KDE-related mailing lists at http://www.kde.org/mailinglists.html.
Ubuntu Project Mailing Lists
The Ubuntu Project is always expanding, as many new users continue to find Ubuntu for
the first time. You will find many other knowledgeable users with answers to your ques-
tions by participating in one of Ubuntu’s mailing lists. The lists are focused on using,
testing, and developing and participating in Ubuntu’s development:
. http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-security-announce—Security
announcements from the Ubuntu developers
Mailing Lists

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