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Ultimate Performance Management: Training to Transform Performance Reviews into Performance Partnerships

Book Description

Ultimate Performance Management presents an innovative framework and approach to managing performance in organizations by providing a comprehensive performance management and coaching training process. The focus of the title concentrates on performance appraisals and reviews as a means of managing goals, relationships, and improved results through partnerships between employees and managers. This allows managers at all levels, as well as workplace learning professionals, to conduct effective performance management and appraisal training, on-demand. As part of ASTD's new Ultimate series, this title focuses squarely on providing all the tools needed to quickly design and deploy performance management, coaching, and appraisal training. The book also includes extensive assessments, instruments, checklists, exercises and activities, plus a CD-Rom with downloadable versions all supporting materials, including ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations.

Note: CD-ROM is not available for this title.