• Where do you find Umbraco source and installation files?
  • What should you know about the Umbraco community?
  • What services and products does the Umbraco Headquarters offer?

Umbraco is, as you may know by now, an open source project with a large developer and user community. Successful open source projects invite users of the product to give feedback, report bugs, and encourage others to get involved in helping new users of the product to get started. Umbraco is known as the “Friendly CMS” because the core team has been very successful in engaging users and developers to contribute their time to support and evangelize the product.

You can get involved in the Umbraco open source project in several ways. The resources listed in this appendix should point you in the right direction for gaining access to all the available Umbraco products, as well as show you how you can contribute.

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