Data Type Definitions

  • What's a data type again?
  • What does each data type do?
  • How do I configure my own data types?

Working with and creating your own data types for the Umbraco backoffice will undoubtedly enhance the flexibility and versatility of your Umbraco installation. Umbraco comes with a whole stack of built-in data types to solve the most common data entry and manipulation tasks. The section “Definition of Built-in Data Types” provides a detailed description of each of these built-in types. Did you know that you can also create your own variations of some of the built-in data types? You can read more about that in the “Configuring Your Own Data Type” section.

image As a matter of recommendation, the authors suggest installing and using the community-driven package uComponents. You can download this package directly from the package repository in the Developer section image Packages image Umbraco Package Repository image Backoffice Extensions. See Chapter 10 for details on how to work with packages.

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