Chapter 4. Patterns of Style


  • 4.1 Attributes as Compositions to Types

  • 4.2 Providing Focus

  • 4.3 Explicit Elision

  • 4.4 Tree Routing

  • 4.5 Tombstone Packages

  • 4.6 Inheritance Goes Up

  • 4.7 Rotated Text

  • 4.8 Dual Associations

  • 4.9 Billboard Packages

  • 4.10 Text Workarounds

  • 4.11 Seven Plus or Minus Two


This chapter provides the modeler with a set of UML style idioms that will contribute to the graphical quality of UML diagrams. They were gleaned from a careful examination of many UML diagrams. The idioms presented here are the ones that most clearly stood out, represented approaches that had enduring traits, were clearly effective in their solutions, and recurred across many different types of models and modelers.

Fortunately, the UML has been around long ...

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