As I went about my business over the next few days, I practiced observing my life as if it were a movie. From that detached perspective, I was better able to see how much drama I, and the people around me, created every day. I was amazed at the stories I made up without realizing I did so. I guess I did pretty well with the awareness lesson, because when Portal 2 appeared before me, I passed right through it.

It took me a while to figure out where I was, which was in a huge tent. There were loud noises outside and people moving quickly inside. When I heard the unforgettable blast of a nearby bomb, I knew there was a war going on. There was a nurse in front of me, holding out a pair of combat boots.

“Come on! Put these on. People are dying. Let's move!” she yelled.

When she handed me the boots, I looked in her eyes and saw the beggar. He was now a nurse with braided brown hair tied up in a bun. She wore light blue scrubs that were spotted with blood. There were many beds within the tent and several nurses and doctors, also in blood-splattered scrubs. As I put the boots on, my entire outfit was transformed and I, too, was in similar apparel.

“Grab that tray,” she ordered.

“What are we doing here?” I asked.

“The tray, and follow me.”

The nurse moved from one side of the tent to the other, passing many soldiers writhing in pain, as well as a few still ones with sheets over their heads. We stopped at a bed that held a soldier with one leg bloodied and shredded below the knee. ...

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