I got out of bed and prepared for an eventful day. I was looking forward to a meeting I had scheduled with Eric at the office later that afternoon. We had gotten quite close, and along with Karine and Nowell, I was happy to have some new and great friends. I thought briefly of Greg and how I wished he was on that list as well, but shelved that thought for another time.

After showering, I decided to search my closet for something unique to wear, something different and more exciting than my usual wardrobe. That's when I saw them. Obscured behind dozens of similar-looking khaki slacks hung what appeared to be the same pair of blue jeans I'd received in the dream. Stunned, I took them out and inspected them. They were faded and soft, and the Levi Strauss & Co. tag confirmed they were my size.

As much as I would have loved to believe that the jeans were manifested from my dreams, I did remember owning a pair a long time ago and wondered if they had always been there and I had just forgotten about them. This led me to a mind-bending riddle … did I know those jeans were there and so thought them up in the dream, or did I think them up in the dream, which created them … out of thin air? This was a question for Larry to weigh in on.

I was sure he would be at the school or on his way, so instead of intruding with a call, I sent a text: “I had an amazing couple of dreams, and I think you were in them. Something else happened, though. Really weird. I could use my best friend's insights. ...

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