Appendix B. Kerberos

Most of this appendix information was sourced from the developerWorks article “DB2 UDB security, Part 6: Configure Kerberos for authentication on DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, and Windows” at

Configuring the NAS Kit on UNIX®/Linux® Systems for the IBMKrb5 Plug-In

Step 1. Set up the KDC server.

This guide assumes that you use the NAS kit for the KDC server. If you use another KDC server, refer the installation guide for your KDC software.

For AIX, you can get the NAS server kit from the AIX installation bonus CD. Note that NAS server is available only for the AIX platform at the time of this writing.

Steps to set up the NAS server - KDC:

  1. Install the ...

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