As with any book, we, the authors, are not the only ones who brought this object into being. This text is a reflection of the work of many people: researchers and thinkers, our teachers, our students, and our colleagues. We would like to thank once more those who assisted with the first and second editions of this text.

In addition to the colleagues whom we have thanked above, we are grateful to the following people at Wiley who have contributed to the third edition: Chris Johnson, the Executive Editor, and Brittany Cheetham, Maura Gilligan, Suzanne Ingrao, Jennifer MacMillan, and Anna Melhorn, who worked with us very helpfully in the production process.

The editor and publisher gratefully acknowledge the permission granted to reproduce the copyright material in this book:

M.D.S. Ainsworth & S. M. Bell, Fig. 2, “Frequency of crying in the ‘Strange Situation' test,” in “Attachment, exploration, and separation: Illustrated by the behavior of one-year-olds in a strange situation,” p. 58 from Child Development 41(1). The Society for Research in Child Development, Inc., 1970. Copyright © 1983 by Child Development. Reprinted by permission of Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

Rita L. Atkinson, Richard C. Atkinson, Edward E. Smith, & Daryl M. Bem, Figs. 2.6–7, “Exploded view of human brain and human brain as if sliced in the midline,” pp. 42–3 from Introduction to Psychology, 10th ed. Wadsworth, 1989. Copyright © 1989. Reprinted with permission of Wadsworth, a division of Thomson ...

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