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Understanding Movement and Rotation in C#: Demystifying the Fundamentals of Movement and Rotation for Objects

Video Description

Create great games that feature characters and objects that move and rotate constantly: spaceships, enemies, aliens, vehicles and more! This video shows you that being able to code movement and rotation is therefore a critical skill for any games programmer. In this comprehensive course, games-development expert Alan Thorn demystifies the fundamentals of movement and rotation for objects using C#. You’ll explore how to move objects smoothly at a specified speed, how to work with collisions and movement, how to rotate objects to face specific directions, how to rotate objects around pivot points, and lots more. Finally, you will see how vectors and quaternions interact to create complex motion and rotation in 3D space. 

This course features everything you need to get started making objects move and rotate predictably for professional-grade games. At the end of it you will become a rock-solid gameplay programmer capable of solving sophisticated spatial problems by understanding how objects move and rotate with C# in Unity.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand core concepts such as transformation, vectors and quaternions
  • Create effective scripts and programs for making great games
  • Understand important practical applications: make objects face directions, move smoothly, and more
  • Balance gameplay mechanics for making interesting experiences

Who This Video Is For

People interested in learning games programming  and who are looking to improve their skills and have fun making games.