Understanding PHP Data Objects (PDO)

Video Description

In this course you will learn PHP Data Objects (PDO) and how this library written in PHP works with databases. While a basic knowledge of PHP is recommended for this course, both beginners and experienced web developers will gain a complete understanding of how PHP Data Objects work.

Exactly What Is PHP Data Objects?

The PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension defines a lightweight, consistent interface for accessing databases in PHP. Each database driver that implements the PDO interface can expose database-specific features as regular extension functions. Note that you cannot perform any database functions using the PDO extension by itself; you must use a database-specific PDO driver to access a database server.

PDO provides a data-access abstraction layer, which means that, regardless of which database you're using, you use the same functions to issue queries and fetch data. PDO does not provide a database abstraction; it doesn't rewrite SQL or emulate missing features. You should use a full-blown abstraction layer if you need that facility.

Course Features

  • Over 7 lectures and 55 mins of content!
  • Understand what PDO is and how it works
  • Understand PDO in relation to databases
  • To detect and resolve PDO errors

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding PHP Data Objects (PDO) 00:09:58
  2. Querying the Database 00:08:33
  3. Affected Row Count 00:04:23
  4. Binding Values to Queries 00:10:15
  5. Error Detection 00:06:56
  6. Returning the Last Inserted ID 00:03:15
  7. Transactions 00:12:13

Product Information

  • Title: Understanding PHP Data Objects (PDO)
  • Author(s): Stone River eLearning
  • Release date: August 2014
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
  • ISBN: 100000006A0225