Chapter 5. Storage management 249
5.4 Recovery management
As part of the IBM TotalStorage Open Software Family, the IBM Tivoli Storage
Manager protects organization's data from hardware failures and other errors by
storing backup and archive copies of data on offline storage. Scaling to protect
hundreds of computers running a dozen OS ranging from laptops to mainframes
and connected together via the internet, WANs or LANs, Storage Manager's
centralized Web-based management, smart-data-move and store techniques,
and comprehensive policy-based automation all work together to minimize data
protection administration costs and the impact to both computers and networks.
Optional modules allow business-critical applications that must run 24x365 to
utilize Storage Manager's centralized data protection with no interruption to their
Data backup and restore
Backups are copies of your active online data stored on offline storage. Should
an online storage device fail, a data error occur, or someone accidentally deletes
a file, the offline copy of that data can be copied (restored) to online storage. IBM
Tivoli Storage Manager uses multiple techniques to make data backups and
restores as fast, flexible, and low-impact as possible.
Managed data archive and retrieve
Data archives are copies of active or inactive data from online storage copied to
offline storage. Archives are used to keep point-in-time copies of important data
for regulatory or bookkeeping requirements and to move inactive data from
expensive online storage to less-expensive offline storage. Managed data
archives implemented by Storage Manager are managed for a defined lifetime
through the policy-automation engine, just like backed-up data. The Storage
Import/export data Yes No
Delete data, node, and
Ye s N o
Lower archive retention Yes No
Archive hold/release No Yes
Chronological archive Yes Yes
Event based arcgive No Yes
Function IBM Tivoli Storage
Manager Extended
IBM Tivoli Storage
Manager for Data

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