Chapter 5 The PSD of MB-UWB Signals

In the MB approach, the overall bandwidth is split into smaller frequency bands of at least 500 MHz each, compliant with FCC rules (FCC, 2002). Transmission of data for a given user occurs on different sub-bands in subsequent periods of time, using OFDM, and leading to a system that can avoid nonintentional interference in certain bands without the need for RF notch filters.

In this chapter, spectral properties of OFDM signals will be investigated with the purpose of further analyzing the MB proposal submitted to the IEEE 802.15.TG3a (Batra et al., 2003)

5.1 Spectral Haracteristics of OFDM Signals

As discussed in Section 2.3 the MB approach moves away from the IR principle, and current proposals favoring ...

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