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Unified Messaging: EXCERPT from Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out

Book Description

This content is a direct excerpt of Chapter 6 from the book Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Connectivity, Clients, & UM (ISBN 9780735678378). This concise ebook is offered independently of the larger book for Exchange administrators seeking specific, focused information on managing Unified Messaging.

  • Directly excerpts Chapter 6 from the book Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Connectivity, Clients, & UM

  • Offered as concise, standalone content for Exchange professionals looking for narrowly focused reference or specific problem-solving information on managing Unified Messaging and voice-related features

  • Written by popular author Paul Robichaux, MVP for Exchange Server

  • Table of Contents

    1. Special Upgrade Offer
    2. Introduction
      1. Errata & book support
      2. We want to hear from you
      3. Stay in touch
    3. 1. Unified messaging
      1. A quick introduction to Exchange UM
        1. Major Exchange UM features
        2. Unified messaging concepts
          1. The unified communications market
          2. The exciting world of telephony
          3. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
          4. Audio and the Real-Time Protocol (RTP)
        3. Unified messaging objects and attributes
          1. UM dial plans
          2. UM IP gateways
          3. UM hunt groups
          4. UM mailbox policies
        4. Unified messaging architecture
      2. What happens when the phone rings
        1. Call answering for a user mailbox
          1. Call answering rules
          2. Recording a message or not
          3. Voice Mail Preview
          4. Resolving calling line ID information
          5. Protected voice mail
          6. Submitting the message
          7. Lighting the message-waiting indicator
        2. Call answering for an automated attendant
          1. Automated attendants and the GAL
          2. Automated attendants and call transfers
        3. Call answering for Outlook Voice Access
        4. Call answering for faxes
      3. Placing outbound calls
        1. The parts of a phone number
        2. The role of dialing rules
          1. What’s in a dialing rule
          2. Dialing rule authorization
        3. Blind transfers
        4. Supervised transfers
      4. Multilingual support in UM
        1. Installing and removing language packs
        2. Choosing the right language
      5. Deploying UM
        1. Sizing and scaling UM
        2. Preparing your network
        3. Installing UM
        4. Creating core UM objects
          1. Creating UM dial plans
          2. Creating UM IP gateway objects
          3. Creating UM hunt groups
          4. Creating UM mailbox policies
        5. Designing automated attendants
        6. Enabling users for UM
      6. Managing UM
        1. A quick note about permissions
        2. Managing UM server-level settings
          1. Managing UM call router settings
          2. Managing UM server settings
          3. Using certificates with UM
          4. GAL grammar generation
        3. Scheduling UM work on the Mailbox server
        4. Dial plan settings
          1. Additional dial plan settings with Set-UMDialPlan
        5. UM IP gateway settings
        6. UM mailbox policy settings
          1. Additional UM mailbox policy settings with Set-UMMailboxPolicy
        7. Mailbox settings
          1. Additional settings with Set-UMMailbox
          2. Call answering rules
        8. Automated attendant settings
          1. Additional settings with Set-UMAutoAttendant
      7. Unified messaging and the future
    4. A. About the Author
    5. About the Author
    6. Special Upgrade Offer
    7. Copyright