Creating the player

Now that we have Unity opened up, we can actually start building our project. To get started, let's build a player that will always move forward. Let's start with that now:

  1. Let's create some ground for our player to walk on. To do that, let's go to the top menu and select GameObject | 3D Object | Cube.
  2. From there, let's move over to the Inspector window and change the name of the object to Floor. Then, on the Transform component, set the Position to (0, 0, 0), which we can either type in, or we can right-click on the Transform component and then select the Reset Position option.
  3. Then, we will set the Scale to (7, 0.1, 10):

In Unity, by default, 1 unit of space in Unity is representative of 1 meter in real life. This ...

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