Shooting behavior

The next thing we will do is give our player the ability to shoot:

  1. Open up the PlayerBehaviour script. In the top section where the other variables are present, we need to add some additional ones that we'll use:
    // The laser we will be shooting
    public Transform laser;
    // How far from the center of the ship should the laser be
    public float laserDistance = .2f;
    // How much time (in seconds) we should wait before 
    // we can fire again
    public   float   timeBetweenFires = .3f;
    // If value is less than or equal 0, we can fire
    private float timeTilNextFire = 0.0f;

    One thing you may have noticed is that we have a laser variable that is of the type Transform. This is the laser we'll fire, which we will create shortly.

    In our game, the player ...

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