Placing tiles with grid snapping

Now that we have all of our tiles created, let's start building out our area:

  1. Put a tile prefab in the world of your choice. Hold down the Ctrl key, and pull it in an axis' direction. You may have noted a little snap that you wouldn't see when moving normally. This is due to unit snapping.
  2. Grid snapping is a really useful tool when it comes to building stuff inside Unity. Instead of punching in numbers all the time when trying to set the positions of all of these tiles, we can just set our Snap size to be the size of our tiles 3.2 x 3.2 x 3.2.


    In addition to movement, we can also snap rotations and scaling.

  3. Go to Edit | Snap Settings; we can change the value to snap easily by changing Move to 3.2 and Move Z to ...

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