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Unity 5.x Game Development Projects

Video Description

Explore the features of Unity 5 for 2D game development by building three amazing game projects

About This Video

  • Explore the 2D architecture of Unity 5, and the tools and techniques used to develop2D games

  • Discover how to use Unity's 2D tools, including Sprites, physics, and maps, to create different genres of games

  • This practical tutorial on the intermediate and advanced development concepts in Unity 5 will help you create three interesting and fully functional games

  • In Detail

    Flexible, powerful, and full of rich features, Unity 5 is the engine of choice for AAA 2D and 3D game development. With comprehensive support for over 20 different platforms, Unity boasts a host of great new functions for making 2D games. Learn how to leveragethese new options into awesome 2D games by building three complete game projects with the Unity game tutorials in this hands-on video.Get started with a quick overview of the principle concepts and techniques needed for making 2D games with Unity, then dive straight in to practical development.Build your own version of Super Mario Brothers as you learn how to animate sprites, work with physics, and construct brilliant UIs in order to create a platform game. Go on a quest to create a RPG game discovering NPC design, event triggers, and AI programming.Finally, put your skills to the test against a real challenge - designing and constructing a complex strategy game that will draw on and develop all your previously learned skills.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Sprites - The Basic Element of 2D Game Development
      1. The Course Overview 00:06:09
      2. 2D Mode and Custom Packages 00:04:02
      3. Dealing with Sprites 00:10:39
      4. Our Character Makes Its First Steps 00:09:08
    2. Chapter 2 : Animating a Sprite in Unity
      1. Animating Sprites 00:06:39
      2. The Animator Components and Controllers 00:08:29
      3. The Game 00:04:59
    3. Chapter 3 : Dealing with 2D Physics
      1. 2D Physics 00:07:05
      2. Letting the Character Move 00:08:32
      3. Building a Cool Level 00:07:35
    4. Chapter 4 : Level Design
      1. Tiled for 2D Level Design 00:14:04
      2. Approaching UI 00:04:23
      3. Game Handler 00:03:32
      4. Adding Enemies 00:07:39
    5. Chapter 5 : Creating Your Own RPG
      1. Role-Playing Games and Getting Ready 00:03:34
      2. Importing the Level 00:03:33
      3. Splicing Our Sprites for Our Hero 00:03:38
      4. Creating and Dressing Up Our Hero 00:03:51
      5. Giving the Power of Movement to Our Hero 00:03:32
      6. Animating the Hero 00:02:40
    6. Chapter 6 : AI and Pathfinding
      1. Pathfinding 00:01:33
      2. Astar Algorithm in Unity 00:06:05
      3. Using Pathfinders for Enemies 00:08:24
    7. Chapter 7 : Tower Defense Basics
      1. Tower Defense Games and Getting Ready 00:04:10
      2. Setting Up a Scene and Creating a Map 00:02:23
      3. Bullets 00:06:48
      4. Towers 00:04:54
      5. Enemies 00:09:12
    8. Chapter 8 : User Interface for Tower Defense Game
      1. Getting Ready and Designing the UI 00:02:30
      2. Creating a Live Counter 00:05:56
      3. Implementing a Money System 00:05:10
      4. The Tower Seller 00:07:46
      5. Upgrading the Towers 00:12:08
    9. Chapter 9 : Finishing Tower Defense Game
      1. Getting Ready and Waypoints for Enemies 00:06:42
      2. Integrating the UI into the Game 00:05:17
      3. Placing the Towers 00:08:22
      4. Creating an Enemy Spawner 00:03:47
      5. Finishing the Gameplay 00:03:58
      6. Upgrading Towers 00:05:41