Unity C# Scripting: Complete C# for Unity Game Development

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Start from scratch and become a skillful game developer in just 25 hours.

About This Video

  • Become well-versed with C# and Unity game engine concepts
  • Discover how to implement basic artificial intelligence (AI) features in Unity
  • Get ready to build 2D and 3D sample games with C# and Unity

In Detail

Unity is free, easy to learn, has excellent documentation, and is the game engine used for building games. Jobs in Unity game development are plentiful and being able to understand C# scripting along with Unity game development puts a powerful skill at your fingertips. This course will show you how to combine the power of C# and Unity to create awesome games.

The course starts with explaining the installation process of Unity and Visual Studio and then takes you through the basics of C#. You will then learn to create C# scripts to get a strong understanding of Unity game development. Once you have mastered the basics, you will dive into the intermediate concepts of C# and Unity by building 2D Android games. Moving along, you will learn version controlling to manage C# and Unity projects effectively. Finally, you will grasp the advanced concepts of C# and Unity needed to build 3D games from scratch.

By the end of this course, you will build a solid foundation in C# scripting and Unity game engine and will have developed the skills to make fully functional 2D and 3D games.

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  • Title: Unity C# Scripting: Complete C# for Unity Game Development
  • Author(s): Raja Biswas
  • Release date: July 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838985035