splint [options] files ...

Secure Programming Lint. A freely available version of the original Unix lint command, splint performs static checking of C programs. By adding annotations in the form of special comments to your source files, splint can perform many additional, stronger checks than would otherwise be possible.

splint has a very large number of options. They are broken down here into separate sections based on task. splint allows the use of a leading + and a leading minus to indicate an option. In many cases they do the same thing; in others one enables a feature while the other disables it.


Initialization Options

-f file

Read options from file instead of from $HOME/.splintrc.

-I dir

Add dir to the list of directories searched for C include files. As with the C compiler, there is no space separating the -I from the directory name.


Do not read either of the default option files ./.splintrc and $HOME/.splintrc.

-S dir

Add dir to the list of directories searched for .lcl specification files.

-tmpdir directory

Use directory for temporary files. The default is /tmp.

-systemdirs dirlist

Set the list of system directories to search for include files. The default is /usr/include. To include multiple directories, separate them with a colon.


Do not report errors for files in system directories.

Preprocessor Options

-D macro-definition

Define a macro. This option is passed on to the C preprocessor.

-U macroname

Undefine ...

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