cvs [cvs-options] log [options] [files ...]

Display information about the files in the current sandbox or the files specified as parameters. The information this command provides is part of the header section of the files in the repository. This command also provides information from the log messages created when files are imported or changes are committed.

With no options, cvs log displays all the information it has available. See also rlog.

Synonym: lo.

Standard subcommand options: -l.



Display information about only the revisions on the default branch, normally the trunk.

-d dates

Display information only on revisions checked in on or between the dates or times provided. Date and time formats are listed in the earlier section "Dates.” More than one date range can be given; ranges must be separated by semicolons. Date ranges can be specified according to the following list:

date1>date2, date2<date1

Select all revisions between the two dates.

date1>=date2, date2<=date1

Select all revisions on or between the two dates.

date>, <date

Select all revisions earlier than date.

date>=, <=date

Select all revisions on or earlier than date.

date<, >date

Select all revisions later than date.

date<=, >=date

Select all revisions on or later than date.


Select all revisions on date.


Print only the header information for a file, not the description, the log messages, or revision information.


Do not list the tags (the symbolic names).

-r[ revisions ]

Provide information only ...

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