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UnProfessional: How a 26-year-old University Dropout Became a Self-made Millionaire

Book Description

A young Australian entrepreneur and self-made millionaire presents a counterintuitive guide to succeeding in today's business world

To be unprofessional is not to be disrespectful. It is not to be reckless or lazy. It is not to be unpunctual, badly presented or poorly spoken.

To be unprofessional is to be real. It is to create a vision that is unborrowed from the past. It is to develop products that genuinely 'wow' your audience. It is to think of marketing strategies that the management consultants don't have diagrams or buzz words for yet. It is to think original thoughts and speak of proactive ideas that haven't yet been documented in the academic playbooks.

At just 26 years old, Jack Delosa knows more than you'd expect about business and entrepreneurship. A self-made millionaire by 24, Delosa is an award-winning entrepreneur and educator who has built several start-ups into successful thriving businesses. In UnProfessional, Delosa reflects on his business adventures and offers practical how-to advice on topics such as becoming a market leader on a shoestring budget, becoming the go-to person in your industry to win more business faster, how to manage and lead other people toward your vision and why it's important to fail fast.

The business world has changed. What worked in the past will not work today. Offering a fresh perspective on the challenges of starting and running a successful business, UnProfessional is an ideal guide for Australia's current crop of forward-thinking entrepreneurs of any age.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Series
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Epigraph
  6. Dedication
  7. Join the conversation as you read
  8. About the author
  9. Acknowledgements
  10. Foreword
  11. Introduction
    1. the dream has changed
    2. talent is overrated
    3. the entrepreneur's ladder
  12. 1: Vision
    1. know your why
    2. eyes wide shut
    3. the bigger the vision, the easier it is to execute
    4. 12-month road map
  13. 2: Start before you're ready
    1. stay lean
    2. fail fast
    3. a hungry crowd
    4. know your customer
    5. know your market
    6. be the dumbest person in the room
    7. the three rules of start-up
  14. 3: Build an attraction model
    1. strategic partnerships
    2. the three steps to setting up a strategic partnership
    3. build your brand through the media
    4. how to write a press release that works
    5. getting it out there
    6. be the go-to person
    7. own your audience
    8. recency and frequency
    9. developing great content that matters
  15. 4: Get over your fear of sales
    1. frame each conversation
    2. ask the right questions
    3. provide a solution
    4. people crave ‘real'
    5. prove it
    6. what to do 80 per cent of the time
    7. vital signs and business health
    8. generating referrals
  16. 5: Become number one online
    1. inspire, capture, nurture
    2. it's easier than ever before
    3. iterate and adapt
    4. the new SEO
    5. content is king
    6. increase your ranking even further
    7. Google AdWords — reaching people who are trying to find you
    8. say it world-class fast
  17. 6: Manage and lead
    1. communicate the vision
    2. build a culture
    3. set the direction
    4. become an efficient manager
    5. creating a business that can run without you
  18. 7: Know your numbers
    1. the business scoreboard
    2. the three things you need
    3. the three people you need
    4. this will all change
  19. 8: Play the bigger game
    1. raising money from investors
    2. three questions on every investor's mind
    3. why value matters
    4. how to value your business
    5. strategic value
    6. know the process of raising money
    7. your ultimate payday (maybe)
    8. positioning your business for exit
  20. 9: It's your revolution
  21. Index
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