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Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript

Video Description

Kick-start your career in game development with UnrealScript and the UDK

About This Video

  • Step-by-step guide on how to set up the UDK and create a game with UnrealScript

  • Explore core UnrealScript features and configurations

  • Ideal for newcomers to UnrealScript

  • In Detail

    Over eight feature-filled chapters, Alan Thorn demystifies video game development by showing you how to get up and running with UnrealScript so you can make your own games. This course takes you from the foundations upwards: from configuring the necessary software and editors to compiling your code and creating a complete and working game.

    This course is a comprehensive introduction to UnrealScript presented by Alan Thorn, veteran game developer and author with over 12 years of industry experience. Taking a step-by-step approach, you’ll move from the basics of configuring the UDK and its files to coding a feature-filled game complete with timed behavior and editor integration.

    Clear and concise, this course takes you from start to finish through the creation of a practical game in UnrealScript, demonstrating the core features of the language along the way. It starts by exploring how to configure UDK files and software and ends with a working game featuring time-limits, editor integration, component-based actors, and custom Kismet nodes.

    Overall, you’ll see how to build a game from the ground up. Along the way, you’ll explore core UnrealScript features such as console commands for improving debugging, class states for dynamically changing actor behavior, custom Kismet nodes to control program flow visually, the ability to tweak class settings through text-based configuration files, and much more besides.

    By the end of this course, you’ll have coded a feature-filled game in UnrealScript and the UDK. In achieving this, you’ll establish a solid foundation in UnrealScript that you can utilize when building your own games.

    Table of Contents

    1. Section 1: Getting Started
      1. Course Introduction 00:02:35
      2. Exploring the UDK Installation Folder 00:03:36
      3. Exploring UncodeX 00:02:58
      4. Configure Notepad++ for UnrealScript 00:04:24
      5. Compiling UnrealScript Source Code 00:05:10
      6. Compiling UnrealScript Source Code Using the FrontEnd 00:04:39
    2. Chapter 2: Understanding the Class Tree and Making Custom Classes
      1. Getting Started at UnrealScript Game Development 00:03:59
      2. The GameInfo Class 00:02:59
      3. GameInfo Basics 00:03:53
      4. Compiling GameInfo 00:02:58
      5. Testing GameInfo 00:02:38
      6. Appendix to Compiling 00:02:03
    3. Chapter 3: Beginning a Power-Up Actor Class
      1. Getting started with Actors 00:03:16
      2. Integrating Actors into the Actor Classes Tab 00:03:10
      3. Actors and Components 00:04:14
      4. Using Editor Properties 00:03:18
      5. Review 00:01:51
      6. Using the Content Browser to Help Code 00:02:16
    4. Chapter 4: Refining the Power-Up Actor Class
      1. Rotations in UnrealScript 00:04:05
      2. Testing the Rotation Code in the UDK Editor 00:01:50
      3. Collision Detection 00:03:05
      4. Using Class States 00:03:21
      5. Testing Class States 00:03:26
    5. Chapter 5: Creating Game Logic with GameInfo
      1. Starting to Code the Main Game Logic 00:03:04
      2. Refining Game Logic with GameInfo 00:03:35
      3. Tips and Tricks 00:04:49
      4. Inter-object Communication 00:03:18
      5. Testing the Game So Far 00:02:55
    6. Chapter 6: Refining the Game with Exec Functions
      1. Unreal Console 00:02:58
      2. Exploring Console Commands on the UDN 00:03:09
      3. Create New Console Commands 00:02:59
      4. Testing New Console Commands 00:03:19
      5. Review your Progress 00:02:21
    7. Chapter 7: Customizing Kismet
      1. Configuring the Level with Kismet and Matinee 00:03:24
      2. Customize Kismet with UnrealScript 00:03:49
      3. Testing the Kismet Node 00:02:19
      4. Activating Kismet Nodes 00:05:15
      5. Testing Kismet Functionality in the UDK Editor 00:02:53
    8. Chapter 8: Moving Forward with Config Files
      1. Config Files 00:03:13
      2. Customize GameInfo with Config Files 00:03:32
      3. Using the Config Keyword 00:02:56
      4. Using Config Files to Customize Game Settings 00:03:39
      5. Completing the Game 00:03:42