The late, legendary Tennessee Volunteers women's basketball coach Pat Summit, when sharing the influence of Coach Don Meyer on her life, made special mention of Coach Meyer's “Three Big Rules”:

  1. Everyone takes notes.
  2. Everyone says please and thank you.
  3. Everyone picks up the trash.

All three of these rules have both a literal and a mindset or mental application, and are simultaneously simple and profound. While all of the rules are significant and worth examining, I want to focus my final words of this book on the third rule. The literal application is obvious, of course: We should clean up after ourselves, respect our workspace, and pay attention to details. But the mental application is what is required for you to apply what you have learned in this book, and stick with it so that you can create the mindset and behaviors that will allow game changer status to dominate your life and make you become unstoppable.

“Everybody picks up the trash,” in essence, says, “I will do whatever it takes to make this happen. I will start earlier, go later, and do more in between; there's no job or role beneath me during the process, and I will hold nothing back.”

If you have followed through with each of the Mission Unstoppable exercises at the conclusions of the chapters in this book, then you have already started “picking up the trash”—doing whatever it takes—and it is essential that you leverage the momentum you have created.

However, if you skipped over them without taking action, ...

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