Chapter 10Create Your Unstoppable Philosophy

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

—Romans 12:2 (Biblica 2017)

In Chapter 5 I introduced the concept of changing your life by changing your philosophy, and suggested that the decisions we make, the things we do or avoid, how we handle success or failure, how hard we work, how long we persist, and whether we change, risk, or sacrifice are all determined by our philosophy. Our philosophy is both a rudder that steers us through life and a filter that influences how we interpret and utilize what lies behind us, within us, and before us. It reflects our thinking and values, which determine our actions, in turn creating our results—for better or worse. As I suggested earlier, wherever you are in life now is overwhelmingly linked to your past philosophy.

For example, the list of “in the zone” actions or mindsets versus zone busters, as they were laid out in Chapter 7, really amounts to a philosophy on how to think and behave—a philosophy that in turn determines whether you spend your time in or out of your zone. This will then determine your level of focus on what matters most, which has incredible influence on the outcomes you create. Part of personal growth, and an essential strategy for becoming unstoppable, is to develop your personal unstoppable philosophy. Some of your philosophy may already be exactly what you need to become unstoppable. Other aspects may be holding you ...

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