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How a broad range of new immensely powerful technologies is disrupting and transforming every corner of our reality—and why you must act and adapt

Unsupervised: Navigating and Influencing a World Controlled by Powerful New Technologies examines the fast-emerging technologies and tools that are already starting to completely revolutionize our world. Beyond that, the book takes an in-depth look at how we have arrived at this dizzying point in our history, who holds the reins of these formidable technologies, mostly without any supervision. It explains why we as business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, educators, lawmakers, investors or users and all responsible citizens must act now to influence and help oversee the future of a technological world. Quantum computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, decentralization, virtual and augmented reality, and permanent connectivity are just a few of the technologies and trends considered, but the book delves much deeper, too. You'll find a thorough analysis of energy and medical technologies, as well as cogent predictions for how new tech will redefine your work, your money, your entertainment, your transportation and your home and cities, and what you need to know to harness and prosper from these technologies.

Authors Daniel Doll-Steinberg and Stuart Leaf draw on their decades of building and implementing disruptive technologies, investing and deploying funds, and advising business leaders, governments and supranational bodies on change management, the future of work, innovation and disruption, education and the economy to consider how every area of our lives, society, economy and government will likely witness incredible changes in the coming decade. When we look just a bit further into the future, we can see that the task facing us is to completely reinvent life as we know it—work, resources, war, and even humanity itself will undergo redefinition, thanks to these new and emerging tools. In Unsupervised, you'll consider what these redefinitions might look like, and how we as individuals, and part of society, can prevent powerful new technologies from falling into the wrong hands or be built to harm us.

  • Get a primer on the foundational technologies that are reshaping business, pleasure, and life as we know it
  • Learn about the lesser known, yet astonishing, technologies set to revolutionize medicine, agriculture, and beyond
  • Consider the potential impact of new tech across business sectors—and what it means for you
  • Gain the knowledge and inspiration you need to harness your own power and push the future in the direction of good for all of us not just the few
  • Explore the best ways to invest in the changes these technologies of the future will bring about

This is a remarkably thorough and comprehensive look at the future of technology and everything it touches. Shining a light on many unsupervised technologies and their unsupervised oligarchy of masters.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Foreword
  4. Preface
    1. Tracking the Exponential
    2. A World Rebooting
  5. Introduction
    1. Where the World Is Now
    2. 2030: A New Future
    3. 1998: So Last Century
    4. Humans 2.0
    5. Devices
    6. People Going Binary—Computers Going Quantum
    7. Notes
  6. Suggested Reading
  7. PART I: Important Technologies You Cannot Ignore
    1. CHAPTER 1: Foundational Technologies
      1. Artificial Intelligence
      2. GPT
      3. Quantum Computing
      4. Sources of Data
      5. Advanced Communications
      6. Key Takeaways
      7. Notes
    2. CHAPTER 2: Enabling Technology
      1. Blockchain
      2. Blockchain Mechanisms
      3. Smart Contracts
      4. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
      5. Tokenization
      6. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
      7. Key Takeaways
      8. Notes
    3. CHAPTER 3: Consumer-Facing Hardware Technologies
      1. Robotics
      2. Internet of Things
      3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
      4. Key Takeaways
    4. CHAPTER 4: Important Uses of Technologies You Cannot Ignore
      1. The Metaverse
      2. Energy
      3. Sourcing
      4. Use of Frontier Technologies in the Up-Front Design and Planning of the Grid
      5. Use
      6. The Bioeconomy and Biodigital Convergence
      7. Health/Medicine
      8. Frontier Technologies and the Human Body
      9. Integrating Computer Technology into the Human Body
      10. Nanotechnology and Genetic Engineering
      11. The Future of the Human Body
      12. Key Takeaways
      13. Notes
  8. PART II: The Impact and Implications on Humanity of Disruptive Technologies
    1. CHAPTER 5: Reinventing the Economy
      1. Money, Banking, Spending, and the Future of Finance
      2. Manufacturing and Production
      3. Physical Real Estate
      4. Energy
      5. Entertainment
      6. Gaming
      7. The Metaverse
      8. Key Takeaways
    2. CHAPTER 6: Reinventing Work
      1. Setting the Scene
      2. Productivity
      3. What Jobs Will Be Lost?
      4. Where Will New Jobs Come From?
      5. Review of Key Sectors
      6. Moving Forward: How Will People Work?
      7. Key Takeaways
      8. Note
    3. CHAPTER 7: Reinventing Education
      1. How Technology Affects the Structure and Implementation of Education
      2. Key Takeaways
    4. CHAPTER 8: Reinventing Information and Communication
      1. Information Is Power
      2. Controlling Measurement
      3. Data Overload
      4. Fake News
      5. Fact Checking
      6. Echo Chamber Mentality, Freedom of Expression, and Biases
      7. Virtual Influencers
      8. Privacy, Tracking, Behavior, and Deep Data
      9. Key Takeaways
    5. CHAPTER 9: Reinventing Control
      1. Security, Privacy, and Fraud
      2. Cyberattacks and Ransomware
      3. Monitoring
      4. Controlling the Media and the Message
      5. Attention Economy, Response Triggering, and Deep Fakes
      6. Nudge Theory and Incentives
      7. Predicting and Influencing the Future
      8. The Military
      9. Government Use of Technology
      10. Key Takeaways
    6. CHAPTER 10: Reinventing the Planet
      1. Resources
      2. Products and Processes
      3. Real Estate
      4. War
      5. Key Takeaways
    7. CHAPTER 11: Reinventing Humans and Humanity
      1. Transhumanism: Blending Frontier Technologies with Humanity
      2. Key Takeaways
      3. Note
    8. CHAPTER 12: Technology Reinventing Itself
      1. Physical Dematerialization
      2. Cognitive Dematerialization
      3. Where Are the Future Centers of Innovation?
      4. Investing in Frontier Technologies for Profit and Social Benefit: A Quantum Leap?
      5. Key Takeaways
      6. Note
    9. CHAPTER 13: Key Influencers on Frontier Technologies
      1. Mark Zuckerberg
      2. Xi Jinping
      3. Elon Musk
      4. Peter Thiel
      5. Samuel Altman
      6. Demis Hassabis
      7. Jensen Huang
      8. Satya Nadella
      9. Jeff Bezos
      10. Marc Benioff
      11. Vladimir Putin
      12. Changpeng Zhao (“CZ”)
      13. Vitaly Buterin (“Vitalik”)
      14. Tim Cook
      15. Peter Diamandis
      16. Anne Wojcicki
      17. Tim Sweeney
      18. Eric Schmidt
      19. Marc Andreessen
      20. Bill Gates
      21. Klaus Schwab
      22. Amaka
      23. The President of the United States
      24. Key Constituencies Who Should Have Influence on the Future of Frontier Technologies
      25. Key Takeaways
      26. Notes
  9. PART III: Final Thoughts
    1. CHAPTER 14: Ethics and Policy
      1. What Are—or Should Be—the Dominant Laws of Frontier Technology?
      2. Should/Can Technologies Be Built Not to Favor Certain People Over Others?
      3. How Should Systems Deal with Data Discrimination?
      4. How Do We Deal with Mistakes When They Occur? Who Is Responsible?
      5. How Do We Handle Combining Technology with Our Human Bodies and Minds?
      6. What Are the Complications and Considerations of Technology Becoming Semi and Fully Autonomous?
      7. A Computer's View of Computer Ethics by ChatGPT
      8. When Can Technologies Be Defined to Have Consciousness and, at That Point, Should They Be Afforded Rights?
      9. Conclusion
      10. Notes
    2. CHAPTER 15: Conclusion
      1. Note
    3. CHAPTER 16: Final Word
  10. About the Authors
  11. Index
  12. Copyright
  13. Dedication
  14. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Unsupervised
  • Author(s): Daniel Doll-Steinberg, Stuart Leaf
  • Release date: September 2023
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781394209903