Chapter 26 Advanced Solids, Faces, and Edges


Learning Objectives

In this chapter we continue to introduce additional advanced tools, including

  • Polysolid

  • Helix

  • 3DAlign

  • Faces

    • Move

    • Offset

    • Delete

    • Rotate

    • Copy

    • Color

  • Edges

    • Copy

    • Color

By the end of the chapter, you will have the complete 3D object design tool set in your hands.

Estimated time for completion of chapter: 2 hours.

26.1 Introduction to Advanced Solids, Faces, and Edges

This chapter continues introducing advanced 3D tools. While they are not the primary tools you use in day-to-day 3D work, they are still needed to round out your knowledge. Specifically, we will ...

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