Chapter 27 Surfaces and Meshes


Learning Objectives

In this chapter we focus on surfaces instead of solid objects. These objects have no depth, the way solids do, but possess many desirable properties for design work. Specifically we mention

  • Planar Surface

  • Region

  • Rulesurf

  • Tabsurf

  • Revsurf

  • Edgesurf

  • 3Dface

  • 3Dmesh

  • Smooth Mesh Primitives

  • Mesh Smoothing

  • Face Move and Rotate

  • Collapse Face or Edge

  • Convert to Solid or Surface

  • Section Planes

By the end of the chapter you will be able to create a variety of surfaces and meshes.

Estimated time for completion of chapter: 2 hours.

27.1 Introduction to Surfaces and Meshes

In this ...

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