Chapter 28 UCS, Vports, Text, and Dimensions in 3D


Learning Objectives

In this chapter we will complete the design toolbox, and will expand on your ability to use surfaces of objects to create new shapes. We will cover

  • Advanced UCS

    • UCS

    • World

    • UCS Previous

    • Face UCS

    • Object

    • View

    • Origin

    • Z-Axis Vector

    • 3 Point

    • X

    • Y

    • Z

    • Apply

  • Named UCS

  • View

  • Vports

  • Text and dimensioning in 3D

By the end of the chapter you will be able to create designs regardless of the surface of orientation.

Estimated time for completion of chapter: 1 hour.

28.1 Introduction to UCS, Vports, Text, and Dimensions in 3D

The previous chapter concluded our ...

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