Level 1. Answers to Review Questions

Chapter 1 Review Questions

1. List the four Create Objects commands covered.

Line, circle, arc, and rectangle.

2. List the ten Edit/Modify Objects commands covered.

Erase, move, copy, rotate, scale, trim, extend, offset, mirror, and fillet.

3. List the three View Objects commands covered.

Zoom, pan, regen.

4. What is a workspace?

A workspace is a customized screen layout.

5. What four main methods are used to issue a command in AutoCAD?

Command line, toolbars, cascading menus, and the Ribbon.

6. What is the difference between a selection Window and Crossing?

A Window is a solid rectangle produced by moving the mouse to the right of an imaginary line and selects only what is completely inside of it. A Crossing ...

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