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Up and Running with Joomla, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Need to launch a feature-rich website quickly where you have one or more people authoring the content? Want to use a powerful, robust, and scalable Content Management System (CMS) you can trust? This Short Cut will get you up and running with Joomla 1.5, a freely available open source CMS. Learn how to install, configure, customize, and extend your Joomla installation. Also learn the tricks of the trade in how to set up and manage both your content and your users. Joomla can be a challenge to understand at first, so drastically cut your "get up to speed" time by taking the Short Cut!

Table of Contents

  1. Up and Running with Joomla
    1. Assumptions
    2. Section 1: Installation, Setup, and Initial Configuration
    3. Satisfying the Prerequisites
      1. WAMP, MAMP, and LAMP—An Alternative
      2. Web Server
      3. PHP
      4. MySQL
    4. Installing Joomla
      1. Creating a Database User and Schema
      2. Setup Process
      3. Understanding the configuration.php File
    5. Additional Configuration Settings
      1. Important Site-Wide Options
      2. Email Settings
    6. Organizing Your Content
      1. A Little Planning
      2. Sections
      3. Categories
    7. Selecting a Template
      1. Considerations
      2. Working with Templates
    8. Controlling Modules
      1. Basic Settings
      2. Adding Modules
    9. Section 2: Adding and Managing Users
    10. Managing Users
      1. Adding Users
      2. Linking Users to Contacts
    11. Groups and Permissions
      1. Public Front-end
      2. Public Back-end
      3. More Options
    12. Now What?
    13. Section 3: Basics of Creating Content
    14. Adding Articles
      1. Types of Content
        1. Categorized Content
        2. Uncategorized Content
      2. The Basics
        1. Writing an Article
        2. Cut-and-Pasting from a Word Processor
        3. Parameters and Metadata
        4. Images and Video
        5. Front-end Editing
      3. Front Page Content
      4. Archiving
    15. Understanding Links
      1. Joomla URLs
        1. Default URLs
        2. SEF URLs
      2. Linking to Pages
    16. Adding Menus
      1. Creating a Menu
      2. Activating Our Menu
      3. Adding Items to Our Menu
      4. Controlling Layout with Menu Parameters
    17. Other Useful Content
      1. Web Links
      2. News Feeds (RSS)
      3. Polls
    18. Section 4: Advanced Joomla Topics
    19. Creating Templates
      1. Core Template Files
      2. Basic Shell
      3. Defining Layout
      4. Including External CSS and JavaScript Files
    20. Using Extensions
      1. Installation and Configuration
      2. Common Gotchas
      3. Some of Our Favorites
    21. Introducing SEO
    22. Scaling Joomla
    23. Wrapping Up
    24. About the Authors