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Up and Running with Vue.js

Video Description

Build powerful user interfaces with the progressive JavaScript framework

About This Video

  • Vue.js routers is a bonus chapter provided
  • Several practical applications
  • 35 assessments specific to the course
  • It is a starter's guide to get comfortable with Vue.js

In Detail

Vue.js is one of the most progressive open source JavaScript framework capable of building user interfaces and powering Single-Page Applications. Supported by other libraries and projects, Vue.js is focused on the view layer only. This course will act as a guide to help customers build robust web applications seamlessly.

Start with the fundamentals of this powerful framework and explore all about modern apps and their requirements. Leverage Vue.js tools to build highly scalable and fast apps. Use this guide, to setup and build simple components and understand how to use events to communicate between components. Get to grips with SPA building blocks like templates, events, forms, and components. This guide is very practical in its approach and will require relatable ideologies to help them understand the concepts that are being taught.

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