Image Included on the CD-ROM are templates, Microsoft Power Point slides, and sample sheets related to upgrading and implementation of SAP:

Upgrading BW 3.5 Dual stack system to BI 7 Dual Stack system with EP7

SAP R/3 Upgrade (A) – Technical Part

SAP R/3 Upgrade (B) – Technical Part 4.0B to 4.6C

Oracle Upgrade Runbook 9.2 to 10.2

BW upgrade from 3.0B to 3.5

Using JAVA Technology (presentation)

SAP R/3 Memory Management

Upgrade checklist.xls- contains a technical upgrade checklist for Basis teams

Upgrade costs.xls- contains a sheet with an adjustable cost model to calculate SAP Upgrade project costs

Upgrade plan.xls - an ...

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