USB Explained

Book description


  • The complete guide to the revolutionary new USB standard.

  • Written for everyone-from users to engineers.

  • Operating system support and troubleshooting techniques.

  • USB hubs, bus interconnects, devices, hosts, protocols, and more.

  • The new Universal Serial Bus standard handles everything from joysticks to live video, all at breathtaking speeds. USB devices are coming fast, and built-in USB support is a key feature of Windows 98. Now there's a complete guide to making the most of this hot new connectivity standard: Universal Serial Bus Explained.

    Co-authored by the best-selling author of RS-232 Made Easy, this book is written in layman's terms for every interested computer user-and it's comprehensive enough to serve the needs of hardware and software developers. You'll find thorough coverage of:

  • Setting up USB hardware and interfacing peripherals.

  • USB protocols and data flow: what actually happens “on the wire.”

  • A close look inside USB hubs, bus interconnects, devices, and hosts.

  • Troubleshooting USB: Analyzing bus traffic and device configuration.

  • USB support in Windows and other operating systems.

  • Universal Serial Bus Explained shows how the USB standard delivers easy peripheral expansion, fast data transfer, guaranteed bandwidth for multimedia, low cost, true “plug-and-play” support, and a whole lot more. It answers today's most frequently asked questions about USB and the new generation of devices that utilize it. Detailed appendices provide more information about the USB specification; Internet-based resources, periodicals and technical conferences; and an extensive source list for USB devices and software. Whether you want to use USB devices or invent them, this is the only USB book you'll ever need.

    Product information

    • Title: USB Explained
    • Author(s): Steven McDowell, Martin D. Seyer
    • Release date: September 1998
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780132442350